Metallic manufacturing

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Metallic manufacturing

Our company offers equipment manufacturing services for the industry especially for the Cement, Steel, Energy and Food sectors. In different areas such as:

  • Metal structures
  • Platforms and stairs
  • Ventilation and process ducts
  • Fireplaces
  • Boiler shop
  • Hoppers, silos, tanks
  • Thermal insulation
  • Special products
  • Fans
  • Transport Systems: endless, chain,
    hovercraft, a tire.
  • Pendulum valves, rotary, guillotine, dampers.

All fabrications are made from a design defined and approved by the customer, coordinating the different manufacturing processes, quality management and dispatch logistics that ensure timely delivery under agreed specifications. For this we have extensive experience and highly qualified and certified personnel in the different manufacturing processes applying codes and international standards according to each application.

Welding: American Welding society (AWS), American society of mechanical engineers (ASME) and American Society for testing and materials (ASTM).

Sand Blasting: Steel structures painting council (SSPC)

Painting: National Association of Corrosion Engineers

Material transport systems: Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers (ANSI/CEMA)

Centrifugal fans

We design and manufacture heavy-duty fans in continuous operations, mainly used for dust extraction or air supply, which is why they have multiple applications for the general industry.
High volumes of air with low energy consumption and low noise thanks to special designs

Process Pipelines

Dust Removal Ducts


Walkways and Stairs

Sleeve Filters

Static Separators

Spark Extinguishing Camera

Guillotine valves

Guillotine valves are mainly designed for insulation in systems with high solids content in suspension

Double pendulum valve

Installed in the discharge of the hopper to prevent the entrance of false air to the filter and evacuate the captured material, they are composed of a casing inside which is installed a gate made of sheet. This gate operates by the gravity weight of the material and a counterweight that causes it to close, drop the material and immediately recovers its initial position to repeat the cycle. Pendulum valves allow the material to pass through, without allowing gases to enter. Designed for ease of assembly and maintenance.

Rotary valves

This valve allows the evacuation of material and in turn prevents the entry of false air. Composed of a square housing, a rotor and an actuator. The rotor is provided by a few blades and fits perfectly minimizing air or gas escape, while feeding or discharging the material.

Damper pneumatic drive

They are gates that regulate the passage or isolate the flow of gases. Its design includes a flanged metal box at the ends that forms the main structure. Inside this box is a fin mounted on a steel shaft, which can be opened or closed to allow or block the passage of gases. This fin is controlled by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder, which provides the necessary movement to operate the gate accurately and efficiently.

Special productions

Two way diverter valve type

Two-way diverter valve (Straight Leg)

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